Angel Energy Healing Session

Lisa Crofton

Angel Energy Healing is the process of channeling pure divine love and angelic light along with healing frequencies through the mind, body and spirit. This incorporates radiating focused healing energy outwards to an intended receiver.

The benefit for the receiver is the release of negative thoughts, energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, lower vibrations, and negativity that prevents bringing about radiant well-being, health, inspiration, joy, and abundance. This is done in a very relaxing setting (much like Reiki) where the client simply sits in a chair or lays on a table and assumes a relaxed state and the practitioner channels the energy throughout the session. Angel Energy Healing differs from many other healing modalities, in that once blockages and negativity in all forms have been released from the being, pure divine white light and uplifted angelic frequency of love, compassion, peace and well-being takes its place. Because this is a very loving experience and guided by divine will, each recipient will experience his/her session differently and depends on the individual.

Angel Energy Healing is particularly beneficial to those who are healers themselves, those who are interested in becoming more uplifted and enlightened, or those who need spiritual or emotional healing. A session can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending upon the personal length of the healing process.