Exclusive Intuitive Sacred Soul Reading

Lisa Crofton



Let this Amazing Intuitive Soul Reading Lead you straight to the Information you need to align the past with the present!

Who Are You at SOUL Level?

This Amazingly Thorough Reading Intuitively sought from your own Akashic Record Reveals Your:

Your Intended Soul Divine Gifts (those you are meant to share)

Soul Group of Origination Traits (traits that explain you best)

Soul's Specialization (your purpose for being)

Past Life Influences (what is creating our circumstances)

Which Blocks or Restrictions Affect Us Today (energetic blocks)

& So Much More...

If you could learn how to easily align your authentic divine nature with your current everyday life in a way that naturally places you on the best path available to you in this life, would you want to know how?

'Soul Realignment Reading' offers you both an empowering explanation as to why you are experiencing many of your current circumstances AND allows you the opportunities to both clear any negative experiences from your records and make new life choices that can substantially shift your current circumstances into alignment with abundance and fulfillment. This is the chance of your current lifetime. Are you ready to take it?

Note: An extensive read is done by practitioner prior to client session...in-person delivery is scheduled once the reading is completed.

Reading Fee:$185  

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