Life Strategy Sessions

Lisa Crofton

Every now and then life trips us up.  We get stuck, we hurt, we can't get out of our own way.  We look for more.  Getting back on track or Becoming our 'best selves' sometimes takes a little more than wishing for it to happen. Like world class athletes, or top notch leaders...when we employ a coach to guide us into our true paths in life...we get where we desire to be that much faster.  It's my job and my vocation to help you do just that.  Together we'll create a partnership and walk hand in hand into your best, truest, happiest life. We'll do what we have to in order to get there: we'll take a forward movement approach by recognizing and removing barriers, and inhibiting roadblocks from your path and guiding you to listen to your own inner wisdom. Your own voice knows best.

Offered by Phone, In Person, by Skype; $150/hr*

FREE 20 Minute Consultation Offered

First Full session is $150/hour, however, if you decide to continue, discounted package pricing is available. *Packages are discounted incrementally if paid in full up-front OR in two split payments. All packages require $750 deposit and require a credit card on file.