Corporate Program: Introduction to The Four Agreements in The Workplace & Beyond

Lisa Crofton

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If your team falls into one of these three categories this program is for your organization...

Morale is low or difficult to maintain

Team members feel unheard, frustrated, or stuck

Communication is weak or non-existent

The Four Agreements by author Don Miguel Ruiz outlines a code of conduct for obtaining personal freedom from negativity, stress and conditioned living.

Taught by Toltec trained Intuitive Master Coach Lisa Crofton, this course blends individual interpersonal skill with workplace skills to create more emotionally, intuitively intelligent employees, leaders and supervisors.

The Four Agreements, once practiced, decreases verbal altercations, misunderstandings, and apathy and increases teamwork, personal accountability and enthusiasm for life.

Applying these game changing Four Agreements in the Workplace aligns responses of individuals to their work life goals.  

Other positive outcomes include:

Better teamwork

Increased morale

Focused goals

Improved leadership skills

Individual confidence in work and home life

Positive responses

Students gain unbelievable new perspectives about life, work, friendship and joy.

The Four Agreements are simple but very profound when executed in our daily lives.

1) Be Impeccable with Your Word

2) Don't take anything personally.

3) Don't Make Assumptions

4) Always Do Your Best


One Day, Profound Change

Custom Scheduling for a Six Hour Program

On-site or On-Line 


*Book is not included

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