The Sacred Science of The 52 Cards w/ Mary Anne Costerella

Positive Living Center

'You're Birthday is my Business' - Mary Anne Costerella

Give Mary Anne Your Birth Date Upon Registration and Receive a Personalized Destiny Read When you Arrive at the Event!!

Join us as Mary Anne Costerella, Integrative Psychotherapist & Spiritual Scientist captivates us with the ancient truth of what we know today as the traditional 52 card playing deck.

4 Suits - 4 Seasons

52 Cards - 52 Weeks

And that's just for starters...

Mary Anne will lead us through the amazing Sacred Science of how the 52 Cards holds information about life and offers insight about our own Destiny...your Birth Date matters!

Which cards reveal the path meant only for you?

How do the cards of your loved ones fit with yours?

Which suit speaks loudest about you?

What can a Destiny Reading offer to your life?


May 3   6:30-9:00


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