Unpacking the Secrets Every Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed

Lisa Crofton

Are you Doing Everything You Can to Succeed?

Entrepreneurs - Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Practitioners all have one thing in common: passion for helping others!

You've done the work: You've earned your certification, you've built a kicka*&% website, you've placed social media ads and you post daily, you've told all your friends and family what you do, you've sat at trade shows, gone to workshops to learn how to market and sell...and 

STILL you aren't building a sustainable practice!  It kinda goes like this:

  • It's going too slow
  • Your clients feel like 'hit and runs'
  • You're doing everything right and still they don't come
  • Your bank account is slowly draining and you don't know if you can hold on
  • You really want to leave your 9-5 but can't until your entrepreneurial income matches what you make now
  • You know you can help people but they just don't know you are there

Truth is... training, certification, talent and passion are just not enough to guarantee entrepreneurial success. 

Contrary to our deepest hopes...clients DO NOT come walking through our living rooms looking for us.

At this all day professional training you will learn:

  • to get very specific about your clients
  • how to learn what your clients need from you
  • the steps to take to build a strong sustainable foundation
  • how to identify your genius zone
  • the way to build a reputation that creates word of mouth
  • the secrets to network effectively as a business builder


WHEN: April 27th

WHERE: Positive Living Center, 132 Main Street, Southington OR

Stream the Training LIVE!

WHAT TIME: 9am - 3pm



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