Winter Solstice Despacho Ceremony

Lotus Moon Studios

Winter Solstice Despacho Ceremony
The word Despacho describes a prayer bundle or offering. Despacho ceremonies have been used for hundreds of years by the Q'ero lineage of Peru for many different occasions when they wish to have their prayers delivered to Spirit in a symbolic and beautiful way. We use flowers, chocolate, rice, confetti and so much more to represent our prayers and wishes for the future. In this magical ceremony, we come together to honor our sweet, mother earth and on the Winter Solstice we combine the power of this day with these elements to create a sacred offering of intention for the New Year. 
We come together with hearts open to create this living prayer bundle that will ultimately bring healing, harmony and balance into our lives just in time for 2019. 
Led by Taylor Crofton 
$20 pre-registration
$25 at the door
Positive Living Center

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